This is the video showing all the books and where to scan them to reveal the Book Plot Spoiler.

In order to film it I had to be pretty inventive.



“Life in a day” by filmmakers Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald asked people from all over the world to film a small section of their day on the 24th July 2010. Over 5000 videos were submitted. This is another great example of getting an audience involved in creating a piece of artwork.

Here’s a link to the full film:

Incase thats a bit too long, here’s the trailer.

This is an interactive piece by rAndom International and is called Future Self. I came across this whilst trying to find interactive art. This piece is created from lots of lights which sense a person’s movements when they get closer. Some of the effects it makes are amazing and almost eerie when a light figure is staring back at you moving in the exact same way you are. In this video the “Future Self” is demonstrated using dancers who make it create really impressive light shapes and allow it to tell a story. I like how it inspires people to get involved.