This is another piece by Helen Papagiannis. Here she has made a book seem tactile through her use of augmented reality, allowing the user to feel as though they are holding on to the creepy crawly.


Helen Papagiannis – Tactile


WaterLIly_THIEL_c500w WaterLilyInvasion_Rhein-Basel_500w

Tamiko Thiel uses augmented reality. The above work is a joke about pollution and these abnormally large species of lily taking over rivers all over the world and eating tourists.

Tamiko Thiel


tamiko wall-street-ar1

AR Occupy Wall Street was set up by a group who supported the Occupy Wall Street Campaign. They used augmented reality to put forward their political views and so audiences could see demonstrating as the street was closed bar a small sidewalk.

AR Occupy Wall Street


cinemagic1 cinemagic2 llamakiss  wonderturner-ilene

These are two works of art by augmented reality artist Helen Papagiannis. The first is called “The Amazing Cinemagician” and allows the user to pick up a card and a short film is played in front of the audience. The second is called “Augmented Reality Wonder Turner” and here the viewer turns large blocks which are shown on a screen in front of them displaying different parts of characters. They are displayed beside their created character.

Helen Papagiannis


Bubble-Project-ji-lee-street-art-15 Bubble-Project-ji-lee-street-art-13 Bubble-Project-ji-lee-street-art-12 Bubble-Project-ji-lee-street-art-4

Ji Lee created these blank speech bubbles which are then pasted onto billboards and advertisements around New York City. Passers-by are then drawn to write in them due to a humans mischievous behaviour. Some of them are pretty funny. You can see more here:

Participatory Street Art – Ji Lee


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Oliver Herring creates Task Parties. These parties involve a large group of people meeting in a certain space. In the space they are provided with a variety of materials. There are only two rules to follow. 1 – you must write down a task and insert it into the “task box”. You must then take a task from the “task box” and do whatever the paper says. Then repeat. This isn’t so much art but it does allow audiences to be in total control of whatever the outcome with the artists controlling the materials.


Oliver Herring – Task Party


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Doug and Mike Starn created outdoor structures all over the world created from Bamboo and allow audiences to walk and play amongst them. They look really cool and fun. It’s essentially a climbing frame for adults.

Doug and Mike Starn – Big Bambu