Questions/Suggestions raised at Crit

Everyone seemed to have a lot of suggestions for me after Crit which I’m not entirely sure is a positive thing but anyway. During Crit I suggested that I use QR codes so that the audience could access an online version of the book they had in their hands. David said that it doesn’t necessarily need to be a written version of the book and that instead it could be a video of how to object was created or a video of me purchasing the book so I plan to think a bit more out the box with that one. He also suggested I look into augmented reality. I also said in Crit that I wanted to try a place a book somewhere that it shouldn’t be. This idea came from Erica Ekrem’s shell journal ideas (see here) and from this Belinda suggested thinking about where a book could hide online. Some ideas that were also given that I really liked the sound of were looking at forbidden literature from other countries and how people disguise it. And finally what about a book that you can’t read. I liked this idea as when I was creating the book box (here) I had to glue all the pages together which was an odd sensation as it became one solid block rather than lots of thin free flowing pieces. A lot to think about but very helpful as it’s given me lots of ideas.


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