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After a meeting with Belinda where she discussed thinking of different ways to experience text, I wanted to explore this idea some more. I began thinking about does a story need to be read? And can you experience it in different ways. The idea I came up with was the experience the story purely through objects which related to it. I thought it might be quite fun to house these objects in a book. To do this I had to create a box from an old book. This took quite a long time as there was a lot of glue drying to be done and I had to slice away every individual page but eventually the outcome was quite pleasing. The only problem with this was that the book I chose was a guide for women on how to live their lives in the 80’s. Pretty patronising and I doubt anyone ever needed it unless they had been brought up in a cave. Anyway, point is it didn’t really have any objects that I could acquire that would capture the tone of the book so I think I need to go back and look at this idea but with a novel. I’ll keep trying to think of something in the mean time for this book.


Book Box


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