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The work by artist Mr Finch really inspired me to go out and look for used materials. As a result I sourced old material from charity shops. I was trying to think how I could combine the used materials with the hybrid novel idea. I then bought some old books. The one that I chose first is a childrens bedtime story book. Then came the question – why would I cover the book? The answer? To make it more tactile. So then came the idea of covering the bedtime story book so that it was soft and pillow like. I did this by covering it with a pillowcase and stuffing it with the pillows innards. I then covered it with an old duvet cover, the two sections of material joined by the poppers you find at the bottom of a duvet cover. What could have improved this is if it was a more child friendly duvet cover but finding old material in Dundee is more challenging than I thought!


Books for Bedtime


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