vintage-textile-embroidery-art-mister-finch-24 vintage-textile-embroidery-art-mister-finch-23 vintage-textile-embroidery-art-mister-finch-22 vintage-textile-embroidery-art-mister-finch-20 vintage-textile-embroidery-art-mister-finch-19 vintage-textile-embroidery-art-mister-finch-18 vintage-textile-embroidery-art-mister-finch-17 vintage-textile-embroidery-art-mister-finch-16 vintage-textile-embroidery-art-mister-finch-8 vintage-textile-embroidery-art-mister-finch-4 vintage-textile-embroidery-art-mister-finch-3

These pieces are by artist Mr. Finch. He creates them all from found materials and all his work is focused on natural plants and animals or “Flora and Fauna”. I think these pieces are so beautiful, especially the final image of the sleeping fox made from embroidered material. I think the vintage appearance of the pieces is especially appealing and draws the viewer more to them as you can imagine that each material has a story of it’s own. I would like to experiment with incorporating used items within my work.

See more at:


Tactile Art/Texture – Mr. Finch


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